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Our Services


There is awareness amongst Nigerians at home and in Diaspora on the need to use professional in all aspects of national life especially in the field of property management and development where professional advice is required in the initiation and implementation of real estate developmental projects.

Property development and investment is time and capital consuming and as such requires careful, deliberate and sustainable effective management by people specially trained for the purpose; and this is where our firm of seasoned professionals comes in to protect the investment of our numerous clients by basically providing varied advice and services which include:

Valuation for sales and purchase of company assets and all classes of properties such as Land and Building; Plant and Machinery including Motor Vehicles and all manners of Equipments; Furniture, Fixtures & Fittings and other classes of assets. However, we issue Certificate of Valuation on these assets for any or a combination of the following purposes:

Preparation of Balance Sheet.
Merger, Acquisition and Privatization/ commercialization.
As a Going Concern
Mortgage – especially for creation of qualitative risk assets in bank.
Property Rating/taxation.
Sales and or Purchases.
Insurance against Fire and Miscellaneous Perils.
Compulsory Acquisition and Compensation.

Seeking property to suit tenant’s requirement, Purchases, Sales and Letting of houses, flats, offices, shops, warehouses and factory premises as well as other investment properties for and on behalf of clients. Our fully trained and friendly staff prides themselves on trying to remove the stress and hassle from the moving process and with our local knowledge and expertise you can feel confident that you will be receiving professional and well-informed advice


– Tenant selection for space that are and would fall vacant on a
competitive market rent basis.
– Taking of inventories of Landlord’s fittings and fixtures for record purposes.
– Perfection of Lease Agreements between the landlord and


§ Ensure that lease are renewed at appropriate periods and at prevailing rent(s) in the market with due consideration to sitting tenancy.
§ Reminder notice on expiration and renewal of lease would be served on the tenants (six) 6 months and three (3) months to the expiration of the existing lease.
§ Notice for renewal of rent would be demanded for in writing three (3) months before the expiration which will be followed by payment of the new rent.


At Olumide Osonaike & Associates, we offer short lets residential accommodation services ranging from 1 Bed suite,2 Bed suite,3 Bed suite to 4 Bed suite all fully furnished and fitted with all household equipments/accessories.

For frequent travelers, we offer a better alternative to hotel accommodation that gives you the freedom to do your own home cooking, laundry, enjoy the space (Not restricted to a single room), play in the garden area and enjoy homemade barbeques.


Also on offer at OO&A are virtual offices with sizes ranging from 100sqm for the standard office to 5000sqm depending on your space requirement.

The benefits you enjoy include; the use of prestigious address, already partitioned office spaces, air-conditioned office spaces, adequate backups to ensure uninterrupted power supply, advance it, use of coffee lounge to relax by clients only, intercom, reception greeting and listing.


This involves all types of properties ranging from single-use structure to multi-use complexes including residential buildings and estates, modern high-rise office blocks and shopping centre’s, industrial properties, stadia and sport complexes, recreational parks, hospitality and educational facilities such as student hostels.
Management of all these classes of properties encompasses all routine day to day services including tenant selection, the determination of market rent/collection and prompts remittance of same, preparation of service charge budget/apportionment, collection of service bills like electricity, water and refuses disposal bills especially for multi tenanted properties, lease and tenancy agreements with the tenants, including renewals and pre-vacation inspections.
Our dedicated staff ensure that all planned schedule of maintenance and building refurbishment are attended to as and when due and our Landlords are pre-informed of likely future expenditures.

We also strive to strike a balance between protecting our principals (Landlord) interest and ensuring quiet enjoyment of the property by the tenant. This goes a long way in ensuring peaceful co-existence and ultimately smooth and effective property management.


This involves the planning, monitoring, supervision as well as project studies such as pre-investment studies, feasibility and viability studies, cost-benefit analysis and environmental impact assessment (EIA).

This is not a valuation but an overall appraisal of an organizations existing portfolio in order to determine the “health” as well as the present and potential usefulness of such assets to the organization. The objectives will include providing a framework for positively managing a company’s landed property holding and highlighting the strategic importance of landed property assets. Our approach would have these as objectives: Identifying and investigating problems and opportunities concerned with clients’ landed property management strategy, policy, markets and procedures. Formulating recommendations for appropriate action by factual investigation and analysis.

The facility Management function is undertaken by us through a faculty in our sister company (Lander Homes Ltd) known as House To House Maintenance Services.
We see facilities management (FM) has being knowledgeable concerning the factor that underlies our job, and we must understand and become an integral part of corporate strategy. By this, we mean that for a property to be properly managed, three ongoing activities make it possible in a changing world: (1). Direction (2). Alignment (3). Implementation.

We provide our clients the skills and knowledge to manage its physical assets. This service to our clients impacts a significant portion of any available resources. Also, as part of our resolve to ensure that clients don’t suffer much loss, we live within an organization and typically manage depreciable assets or significant cost that they must use efficiently.

The efficient management of these Assets/installations would not only ensure livability in the property, but would also prolong the life span of the installation.